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Real Techniques Core Collection

I have been using my cheap Fraulein 3°8 brushes for a couple of years now, and they are well past the point of being worn out - half of them have vanished into thin air and the other half have lost their shape and become a bit scratchy.

Don't get me wrong, they were great brushes for the price I paid (£14.99 for 31 brushes!), and make for excellent starter brushes, but I was beyond ready for some better quality brushes that better fit my needs.

After a lot of deliberation about which brushes to get - do I get Shaanxo's 4pc Synthetic Face Brush Set, wait to see how much Wayne Goss' brushes will be, get a couple of MAC brushes, Crown brushes, Sigma... the list continues - I decided to go for the Real Techniques Core Collection by Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo.

At £21.99 it was the best value for money that I found, still keeping the quality.

The brushes within the set are:

- Buffing Brush
- Pointed Foundation Brush
- Contour Brush
- Detailer Brush,

They are 100% Cruelty Free, made with synthetic taklon bristles, and come in a really handy case.

Buffing Brush

The Buffing Brush has transformed the way I apply my makeup, honestly.  It's really densely packed and feels super soft on the skin.  I know that everyone has their own preferences of which brushes they use to apply which products, and I am no different.  The brush is recommended for use with cream/powder foundations, however I find that it applies my liquid foundation flawlessly.

I usually pump the product onto the back of my hand, and apply it with the buffing brush in small circles, or stippling over areas where I have applied my concealer.  I find that, this way, I can build the coverage in the areas I feel that I need it, and sheer it out in my less problematic areas.  I have more control over where my makeup is placed and can avoid any streaks by buffing it in really well.

I also use my buffing brush to blend the edges of my contouring / blush, to give it a more natural finish rather than looking like stripes of war paint across my cheeks - not a good look!

Pointed Foundation Brush

On days when I have more time to spend on my face, I will use the Pointed Foundation Brush to apply my foundation in 5 lines - down my forehead/nose/chin, and at the top and bottom of each cheek.  then I can blend it with my buffing brush.

I also find that it is great for getting into tricky areas - like the under-eye area, or around the nose.  I have, on occasion, used it to apply concealer to those areas, and have found that it works just fine.  The bristles are densely packed, but have enough layering to be able to give a nice feathered finish to concealer when you don't want quite as full coverage.

Contour Brush

Along with the buffing brush, the Contour Brush is the brush I use every day.  I use it for both contouring and blush, and if I'm feeling fancy, highlighter too.  It has a really nice domed shape and picks up product incredibly well.  I use it to apply matte bronzer from my ear to halfway towards my mouth, along my jawline and up across my temples in small circles, to give my face more shape and definition.

I use the same method of application to apply my blush (but obviously only to my cheeks) and then blend any edges that are left with my buffing brush to make it look more seamless and get one step closer to that airbrushed finish we all crave.

Detailer Brush 

The Detailer Brush is the odd one out for me.  I have used it to apply concealer, but find that using my fingers to warm up the product and press it onto my skin gives a better finish.  I've also tried using it for lipstick, and it works just fine, but it's a bit hard to get the precision required for a defined cupids bow or really clean lines around the lips, as it's just a strange in-between size.  It is, however good for applying a highlight to the inner corner of the eye and onto the brow bone.

The Case

Finally I want to mention the case.  This really sets these brushes apart, in my opinion.  The brushes come in the right hand side of the case, with each gap in the elastic sized to fit each individual brush, and on the left side there are 2 extra spaces for any other brushes you may use on a daily basis, or if, like me, you plan to buy more real techniques brushes which aren't part of a set, you can keep them all together.

The case folds up sideways and has a velcro closure to keep brushes secure and compact, and also folds backwards, as seen in the photo above, to create a brush stand.  It secures with a toggle and is really handy for grabbing your brushes.

If you are considering buying these brushes, I would definitely recommend them - they are excellent quality and you just can't argue with the price - I've found them available for £17.85 (15% off) at, so if you can take advantage of that offer, do! If not, they are available for £20.99 at and, or £21.99 from Boots.

Car shot - full face applied with Real Techniques brushes.

I hope this review was helpful!

Do you use Real Techniques brushes?  Which are your favourites? - Comment below!

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Images courtesy of Realtechniques / StyleBlazer

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  1. I have been thinking of buying these for a while now, thanks for your suggestions!

    Lorraine xx