Friday, 4 January 2013

Review: Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor

Okay, so I know you don't see super-loads of razor reviews out there but I think this one deserves a mention.

'Venus Breeze is the ultimate 2-in-1 system with Shave Gel Bars built right in, making it easy to get a smooth shave while leaving plenty of time for the rest of your busy schedule.

Make shaving a breeze with 3 skin-smoothing varieties to suit your every mood—Venus Breeze'

The Gillette Venus Spa Breeze is a 2-in-1 razor with shave gel bars.  What this means is basically, hassle free leg shaving without messing with a can of shave gel, or body wash, or whatever you use to soap yourself up before you shave.

It's already on the razor.

It is a genius idea, and it smells so good.  Now I'm not one to promote putting sharp objects near your face, but I can't help smelling my razor.  Is that gross? Maybe.  I think it is.  I don't care.

'Even better, the shave gel bars are infused with the fresh scent of white tea to soothe your senses.'

It comes with the razor body, a suction cup wall-mount razor holder thingymabob and, depending on which pack you get, either 1 or 2 razor heads/ cartridges.  Extra cartridges come in little sealed pouches, to keep the shave gel fresh, and clip on super easily.

The cartridges have 3 blades and the shave gel bars either side last about as long as the blades - I'd say about 2 weeks on average.

'The secret to a time-saving shave? Venus Breeze. Simply wet the razor for an amazingly smooth shave. Flexible Shave Gel Bars hug are built in, and contain rich body butters for a light lather, a smooth glide and no need for separate shave gel or soap.'

The no-fuss, just-add-water element is just so amazing - no shaving foam bath water, or globs of blue gunk on the shower floor/walls. It's not like it's cheap gel either, the bars are good quality shaving gel, they have a really smooth silky feel, and leave your skin conditioned and fresh.

The RRP is £9.99, however it's currently available for £5 in Tesco,  £7.49 in ASDA or reduced to £4.99 in Sainsburys until 08/01/13. A pack of 4 blades costs around £9.00.

If you already have a Gillette Venus razor, you can just pick up a pack of blades, as they fit any Venus razor body.  Likewise, if you pick up the Spa Breeze pack with the body and want to try a different set of cartridges, you can keep the razor you already have and just clip a new one on.

I would recommend this to anyone who is currently sick of spending 10-15 minutes doing a 2 minute job, anyone who doesn't want extra mess to clean up, and anyone who wants to smell amazing and feel amazing too :)

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