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November 2014 Favourites

I'm back!

It's been a while since I last posted, but I have a good excuse (I think so, anyway) - I started University!  I'm studying Journalism & English and I've been busy learning and filling my head with all sorts of knowledge etc.

But that doesn't mean I haven't been spending my student loan on new products to try...

I thought I'd try something new, and attempt a 'favourites' blog.  Some of the things I mention may get their own, more in-depth blog posts, but this is what's happening right now, and I'm ok with that!

There were a WHOLE heap of things I was loving in November, and it definitely helped that it was my birthday on the 1st, and my lovely and amazing fiance took me into Boots and told me, basically, to choose my weapon.

I chose the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay.

I haven't tried a Naked palette before, shocking I know.  But I was just ready.  I was ready to try out these shadows that everyone just KEPT banging on about on YouTube and blogs and in my actual IRL life.

I'm now one of those people.  It's Christmas soon and the other two palettes are on my list for Santa (aka Chris).

The shadows are super pigmented, last all day with a primer, and most of the day without.  The colours in Naked 3 are beautiful pink and brown tones, and it's perfect for creating a more natural smokey eye look.

The brush that comes with it is okay, but I prefer using my Real Techniques brushes to apply and blend.

My typical everyday eye look is Limit in the crease, Nooner on the outer corner, Strange and Dust as an inner corner highlight and Trick on the lid.  I might add in some Darkside or Blackheart on the upper lash line if I want a more defined/dramatic look.  

I love it, I'm not sure how I lived without it, and I recommend that everyone read the rest of this post and then go out and buy it.

The Naked 3 Palette retails at £37, and despite searching far and wide, I haven't managed to find it any cheaper.

Next up on my Oh-My-God-How-Did-I-Live-Without-This list is the 1995 lipstick by Jaclyn Hill for Gerard Cosmetics.

Holy crap, did I even have a mouth before I bought this lipstick?  If yes, why wasn't I wearing this lipstick sooner?

I'm not even slightly exaggerating when I say that this is the best lipstick in the world and you need to own it.

Again, I'd seen it reviewed over and over on YouTube and figured it was just being hyped up because they were sponsored posts etc.  It wasn't until my friend Jess reviewed it that I even considered getting it.

I ordered it through the Gerard Cosmetics website, and it arrived from the US within about 10 days, which is pretty good going, I think.  Most things I order from the UK take about that long to get to me.

I tried it on and fell in love.  It's a matte shade, but it's creamy and moisturising and doesn't make my mouth feel all weird and gross like some others have in the past.  It's the most beautiful shade, and whilst I admit I expected it to be lighter, I really love that it's a few shades darker than my natural lip colour.

It has pretty good staying power if I wear it alone, but it's better if I line my lips with the Topshop lip liner in the shade Ceramic.  If I want really long wear from it, I'll put a bit of LipCote on top.

I've ordered two more of the exact same shade, to make sure I don't run out, and I'm 99% sure that it won't be my last order.

It retails at around £12 + P&P, but if you want to get free international delivery and 20% off to make it £9 total (who wouldn't?) just use the code FREEDELI at the checkout :)

Those are the two things I've loved the most for the past month, but there are a few other things that have definitely been up there on my list of things that made my life even better than it was. (They aren't beauty related, but they are great).

Prison Break.

I've been re-watching Prison Break with Chris, and I know I said I want the other two Naked Palettes for Christmas, but Santa, if you're reading this, I would gladly accept either Wentworth Miller or Dominic Purcell as an alternative.  Both if you think I've been really good this year.

The show is fantastic, it has a great concept, excellent actors and just... I mean, Prison Break!
10/10, all the awards, do watch.

Emma by Jane Austen

I've always thought about reading those Classic novels everyone always mentions, and never had the will-power to do it.  

Then, when Emma was on my assigned reading list for uni, I didn't have a choice not to read it (well, I did, but I would fail my course).  

Emma is perfect.  The story, not the character. 

Emma herself is full of imperfections and has an ego the size of the moon, and once I got past the 18th century language, I really enjoyed the book.  It was well written (obviously), interesting and funny.  I never expected it to be funny, I'm not sure why.

If you're ever thinking of reading this, don't put it off, you can pick it up for literally about 10p on amazon or eBay.

I may have saved the best 'till last here.  

Myself and Chris would like to announce that we have added two new members to our family...

Introducing Lumos and Knox, our incredibly adorable chinese dwarf hamsters, whom I love more than life itself, even when they pee on me.

They are tiny and cute and I just want to spend all my day watching them stuffing food into their faces and running through tubes and on wheels and up and down ladders.  They are perfect and I love them :)

Feel free to share your favourite things from the past month in the comments below, let me know the things you love, and tell me new things to try out.

Thanks for being patient with me whilst I've been MIA, and I'll try and keep up with the posts from now on :)

Rach xo

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