Friday, 4 January 2013

Dermalogica Deals

Since I got Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant in my November Glossybox, I have been a bit obsessed.  It was the first exfoliating product that actually worked for my skin.  The rest just left my skin feeling too tight for my face, with a horrible dry-shine.

So considering the miracle properties (to me anyway) of the Daily Microfoliant, I went on the hunt for more Dermalogica products... and saw the price.  My favourite product was RRP £38.80.  Not to be discouraged by this, I turned my bargain-hunter side on, and scoured the internet for the best Dermalogica deals I could find... which I will share with you now.  You lucky, lucky people.

Daily Microfoliant with two free gifts £29.60,

First off, I asked my mum to get me a Daily Microfoliant set for Christmas, I found the best deal on it at Beauty Flash.

£29.60 (RRP. £51.50) for a full size Daily Microfoliant (75g), and travel size Precleanse (30ml) and Gentle Cream Exfoliant (10ml).

That's less than the price of the Daily Microfoliant alone!

After trying both the new products I had from that set, and liking the results, I continued my search for Dermalogica deals, and one advert in particular kept on popping up at the side of my facebook - were advertising the MEET DERMALOGICA KIT - Exclusive Try: Dermalogica's hero products for £9.50.  
Meet Dermalogica Kit £9.50,

This kit includes travel size versions of Daily Microfoliant (13g), Special Cleansing Gel (50ml), Skin Smoothing Cream (22ml) and MultiVitamin Power Firm (5ml). 

Individually, these products cost £8.95 each, so you're paying less than 1/4 of the price.  Ever the cheapskate, I searched for discount codes and found WIMHLAUNCH which gives £5 off a £10 shop.  Of course, the kit costs £9.50, which doesn't qualify, but buy 2 and it comes to £14 instead of £19 - essentially £71.60 of products for £14, with super fast delivery too, about 2 days from placing the order.

Finally, offer 5 free samples (of your choice) of dermalogica products with every £10 spend.  They also offer gift cards with instant email delivery (check your spam box, mine got sent there!)

I got sneaky about it and maximised my samples by first buying a £10 giftcard and selecting my 5 free samples, then spending the giftcard on the product I actually wanted (Bedtime For Breakouts £11.95) with another 5 free samples for that one.

The great thing about is that you earn reward points, which are instantly redeemable as cash against purchases, at a rate of 1 point per £1 spent.  However, I spent £11-something, and have had 56 points so far - 22 redeemed and 34 still available, so there must be a bonus for signing up and placing your first order.

I definitely recommend the giftcard method, stretch your money and get free samples of the products you want to try next - they're not huge samples but enough for you to give them a proper try over a few days.

Don't forget to select your 5 samples and add them to your basket before you check out!

I hope this helped anyone looking for a deal on Dermalogica products, and if anyone has any more to add, feel free to leave details in a comment below!

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