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Review: Glossybox June 2012

After mentioning Glossybox in a few of my blogs so far, I've decided I should start reviewing the boxes I receive - starting with the first one I got, back in June 2012.

Glossybox is a monthly subscription of 5 high-end beauty product samples (with some full-size products sometimes, too) for £10 + £2.95 p&p.

You can earn Glossydots by reviewing the products sent to you in a quick survey, and redeem points for a free box. (1000 GlossyDots = 1 free box)

 'Tried and tested by the Glossybox Pros, Glossybox does the hard work for you'

The first item in my 06/12 box was a little box with 3 samples of Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur perfumes.  I won't lie here, the box is in my makeup case and the phials are still full.  I don't like perfume samples and I don't want to smell like these ones smell.  The Black one, L'Agent, is supposed to be 'fresh' and 'floral'.  It smells like an old man's house.  The Pink one, Signature, is 'citrus teamed with red fruit' - honestly smells like talc. And finally, the Red one, Maitresse, is supposed to be 'a floral feast'.  I just don't like it.
This one was a let down, I'm afraid. 

(RRP £39/50ml - available from

Second in the box was a Glossybox brush, 'Made with best quality goat hair with natural tips from Asian mountain goats'.  The hairs are indeed super soft, but they don't pick up any product, and they don't lay it down - which, for a makeup brush, isn't all that great.  The design is okay, I like the all-black look, and it hasn't shed at all, but it just doesn't do the job.

(RRP £15)

Next was a sample size Yves Rocher Ultra Volume Sexy Pulp Mascara.  It has a really nice curved brush applicator, and lays on the product really well - coating individual lashes with no clumps.  As it claims, it doesn't weigh down lashes, it's not heavy but still gives a good impact.  The pigment's good (I have the black one - also available in brown and blue), and it stays on for ages.  I have no complaints about this one!

(RRP £16.90, available from for £8.95 - online exclusive)

Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick

 'Ideal for camouflage of skin concerns such as dark circles, acne marks, redness, dark spots, vitiligo, and the masking of tattoos. Product benefits: 40% pigment concentration- Twice the coverage of a traditional foundation. Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. Sweat resistant & water resistant. SPF 30. Long lasting-14Hr hold.' 

Despite all it's miraculous claims and the recommendations from anyone I mentioned it to, this isn't suited to my skin.  It provides really heavy coverage, which broke me out - although I'm sure for someone less sensitive skin, it would work well.  I do think it's a lot to pay for what is, essentially, a concealer stick, and there are similar, less expensive products on the market.  

(RRP £19/12g, available from

The final product in the 06/12 box was a tiny sample of the Summer Warmth Bronzer from BM beauty.  It is a mineral bronzer with the fewest ingredients I've ever seen in a product - Mica, Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide.  It is very pigmented and applies really well.  It has a really dark colour to it in the packaging, but it goes on as a nice warm golden bronze, with a bit of a shimmer.  It builds well or you can leave it as a light dusting for a healthy looking glow.  It's not too expensive, and it has no bad ingredients (In fact, all their makeup is free from parabens, BUAV, animal products and synthetic dyes/fragrances) so it gets a big thumbs up from me.

(RRP £8/4g, available from

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