Saturday, 5 January 2013

Review: HD Brows Bombshell Palette

I got the HD Brows Palette (RRP £19.45, available here) from my September Glossybox, and figured I'd give it a bash - I'd been using just eye shadow and an angle brush to fill my eyebrows in before that.
No brow product

 (I'd tried brow mascara and hated it, it made my eyebrows look clumpy)

The palette I received was Bombshell - meant for blonde hair but, to be honest, I think it's perfect for any shade.  It has a carbon and a nude shadow, along with two browns in slightly different shades.

It's packaged in a shiny black palette which clips closed and has a mirror on the inside, which is great for putting the stuff on instead of trying to push your face up to your big mirror to see what you're doing.

It comes with a teeny tiny double ended brush - one side just a regular brush and the other an angle brush.  After about a week, the glue weakened on my brush and I lost the regular side, but the angle side is safe, and that's the side I use.

Light application of eye shadow to brows
You could, of course, use your own angle brush - if you find that holding such a small brush doesn't give you the control you like.  This one does, however, have an excellent firm end, it doesn't drop colour and it puts it down really well.

It's so simple to use - all I do is pick up a bit of the darker brown on the angle brush, tap it off a bit and, starting just above the inside corner, I work up and out, just filling my brows in a bit.  The reason I start just above the inner corner is that it has quite a heavy pay-off, and I don't like that harsh line there, so I'll go over the inner corner at the end when the powder's mostly gone.

HD brow palette
I have naturally quite light eyebrows, so filling them in is a must.  I really like the result I get with the HD brows kit, it's not too dramatic, it fits my face well and lets me create a shape I like with no fuss.  The powder doesn't all fall down my face as I'm putting it on, you hardly use any of the powder so it lasts so so long, and it does not come off throughout the day.

The only time my eyebrow colour will come off is when I use a makeup wipe or wash my face.  It's smudge proof to the extreme.  I don't think I could ever go back to using just an eye shadow or, god forbid, eyebrow mascara again.

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