Tuesday, 15 January 2013

How To: DIY Ombre Hair

After seeing hundreds of photos of people with their lovely ombre hair, I got super jealous and  started googling how to DIY ombre my hair.  

It didn't look too difficult, and it wasn't - and it cost practically nothing!

I was more than happy with my results, and my hair wasn't badly damaged as I used a conditioning masque immediately after dying and then at least once a week thereafter.

What you need:

Jerome Russell bblonde Permanent Hair Lightener
Jerome Russell bblonde Peroxide Cream 9% 30vol.
Mixing bowl and tinting brush
Tin foil
Piece of cardboard cut into a long rectangle (about 10" x 5")

What to do:
Jerome Russell Bblonde
Hair Lightener
Around £4

1 - Take your tin foil and cut into sections approximately the same size as your cardboard.

2 - Wrap the top end of your first piece of tin foil over your cardboard, to hold it in place.

3 - Mix 1 sachet of the lightener powder with 1 bottle of peroxide cream in the mixing bowl, until it has a smooth consistency

4 - Decide which sections of your hair you want to lighten, I'd suggest the bottom layer of your hair (by your neck), chunks of the layer above (middle layer) and small, thin pieces of the top layer.
Tinting bowls & brushes
Usually around £1.99

5 - You will be working from the bottom layer up - bottom, middle, top.  So clip up all your hair other than the bottom layer.

6 - Choose your first section to lighten, and place your board to the root of your hair, with your hair sitting on the foil. 

7 - Take your tinting brush and spread a light layer of dye down the hair on the bottom 1/3.

8 - Wrap the foil around the section of hair, so the dye won't get on any of the hair you don't want dyed.

9 - Repeat, taking smaller sections as you move up the hair.

How to apply bleach to hair using foil
10 - After around 10 minutes, remove the foil from the first section and check the colour.  If it's the right colour for you, wash it off, if not, check every 10 minutes.

11 - Wash with shampoo and conditioner, leaving the conditioner on for 5 minutes.

12 - Dry hair and check colour.  

If you prefer a more subtle ombre, only leave the first lot of bleach on for 10-15 minutes, wash and dry and then re-apply bleach to the bottom 1/5 of the hair.

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