Monday, 7 January 2013

Review: Milk_Shake Leave-In Conditioner

 Color Maintainer Conditioning Whipped Cream 200ml
(RRP. £14.30)

'Leaves hair soft, shiny and full of vitality. The milk derived proteins condition and restructure the cortex and cuticle of the hair, special emollients add deep and long lasting hydration and Integrity 41 preserves the colour. Soft and creamy, a comfortable and fast way to condition hair without weighting hair down.'

Another product I received in my Glossybox (December 2012), I was initially disappointed when I opened the box and saw a hair product - I have the products I use that I know I like and won't mess up my colour, or make my hair feel claggy - and then I took off the cap.

Holy milk bottles, it smells so good.

It smells exactly like those milk bottle sweets you get - like milkshake - and the smell lasts all day.  I've been caught smelling my own hair countless times, and caught Chris smelling me - shamelessly, I might add - when he gives me a hug.

It's different to the other leave-in conditioners I've tried, as it's a mousse.  I was expecting it to leave my hair crunchy or dry, but it just leaves it super soft and bouncy.

It doesn't take away from my colour, in fact, it looks so much healthier and richer after use - which I suppose is to be expected from a colour maintaining product! 

The mousse is used on towel-dried hair, just squirt a bit into your hand and watch it expand, give it a smell, get it on your nose by accident, squirt a bit more onto your hand, tip your head upside down and rub it in.

Then dry and style your hair as normal.  Easy.

The only downside to this product, that I can find, is that it is a more expensive product, the cheapest I've found it online is £10.76 (Free UK Delivery), from, or £12.15 (Free UK Delivery) from

I wish Glossybox would stop taunting me with products I fall in love with and then can never use again, but then I am paying for a subscription to try products I know I can't afford... Catch 22.  Either way, this is amazing and if you can justify that much for a leave in conditioner, this is the one!

Let me know your favourite leave-in conditioners and let me know if you try this one in the comments below :)

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