Friday, 4 January 2013

How To Clean Makeup Brushes: Daily Clean

Makeup brushes aren't cheap, and they need looking after in order to keep their condition and to stop your makeup looking like you put it on with a regular paint brush. To keep them at their best, they should be sterilised every day after use and given a deep-clean once a week.

Brushes on a Budget 

Daily Cleaning:

The daily brush wash I used was the Elf Daily Brush Cleaner honestly, because it wasn't very expensive and it works OK.  It's not the best, and it contains Methylparaben, so I've discontinued use of it.

Also, since I bought it, they've put the price up and the quantity down - I had the 250ml bottle and it cost around £3.75, which is now the price of a 50ml bottle. 

A cheaper alternative to this is to make your own:

200ml bottled water
50ml Isopropl Alcohol 70% (Rubbing Alcohol)
1/2 tbsp baby shampoo or moisturising shampoo
1/2 tbsp washing up liquid
1 tbsp spray on leave-in conditioner
Spray bottle (250ml+ capacity)

Slowly and gently mix the ingredients together, trying not to create too much lather.  
Funnel into spray bottle and label.

To clean the brushes, run some lukewarm water onto the ends of the bristles, and spray with the daily brush cleaner 1-2 times.  

Gently blot the brush on a paper towel until no more colour runs out.

Stand in a tall glass overnight to dry.  Brush guards optional.

Never lie brushes flat/ on their sides to dry.  Always dry with the bristles facing down.

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